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Advanced Care Barrier Salve

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Advanced Care Barrier Salve 

Advanced Care Barrier Salve is a trusted solution for skin protection made with no harsh or irritating chemicals from pure, natural ingredients carefully chosen to work in concert to swiftly soothe and heal irritated or chaffed skin. 

Are medications making your skin thin and susceptible to scrapes and tears? Advanced Care Barrier Salve is an extremely effective skin protection tool! 

This 2-ounce jar provides superlative skin protection and can be used on the areas surrounding wounds as a barrier to create a comforting shield that promotes healing. It can also be applied as an all-over body cream for relief of sensitive, dry or cracked skin or skin that is easily irritated or infected. 

“A great solution for wound nurses, caregivers and patients, this product brings great skin protection.” – HealthTalk Research Blog

Advanced Care Barrier Salve is a soothing balm for those who suffer from diabetic skin and foot conditions, fungal skin infections, bed sores, wear and tear on skin from tapes and dressings, friction rashes and infections that develop in folds of the skin, thin skin due to use or over-use of medications and steroidal creams and also as a protective barrier against latex allergies.

A Wealth of Suggested Uses:  

Advanced Care Barrier Salve helps protect skin from injury and rashes and provides additional soothing protection to diabetic skin. It also diminishes raw or painful areas and creates a shield that inhibits wound formation. 

It is also highly effective when applied in a thin layer to soothe and heal areas of the skin that have been irritated by excessive dryness, moisture or anywhere skin overlaps, folds or rubs together to protect it against blisters, abrasions or general irritation. 

Advanced Care Barrier Salve is also highly recommended for comforting overnight skin protection and to keep skin emolliated during the day. It is very effective when used on the underside of arms and legs (“hanging skin”). 

DO NOT APPLY ADVANCED CARE BARRIER SALVE DIRECTLY ON OPEN WOUNDS -- USE ONLY ON SURROUNDING AREAS! If you have an open wound or skin ulcer, apply the salve only to the surrounding skin to protect it against further damage. Once the wound has scabbed-over or cleared up, apply it to the healed area as a barrier to promote healthy skin.


Advanced Care Barrier Salve is the amazing result of the synergistic combination of modern research into natural remedies and time-tested knowledge of natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their potent qualities: 

Verbascum Flower -- Long used by herbalists as a soothing topical anti-inflammatory emollient for inflammatory skin conditions and burns, it provides a mild, herbal pain reliever and demulcent for inflamed tissues.

Blue Pimpernel -- Containing potent antioxidants that can significantly reduce cellular damage due to free radicals, it is essential in calming the skin and promoting repair. 

Carya Bark – Traced back to the first century A.D as documented by the Roman historian Pliny, it has been used for thousands of years as a protectant against ulcers, sores and irritations of the skin.  It was also used in Russian military hospitals for cleansing wounds and skin ulcers to promote quick healing.

Juniper Nut Hull -- Listed as of 1820 in the United States Pharmacopeia, it is a valuable herbal ingredient that has been used as an excellent treatment for fungal infections, athlete's foot and many kinds of skin diseases including Candida albicans.

White Oak Bark Tincture -- Also listed in the United States Pharmacopeia of 1820 as well as the Dispensatory of the United States, it is a potent antiseptic and astringent used as a skin barrier and as an astringent, tonic and antiseptic for skin infections. 

Red Lobelia -- A topical anti-inflammatory that reduces pain and inflammation and pain, it is often used in poultices for bruises, sprains, ringworm, poison ivy irritation, skin diseases, rheumatism, tennis elbow, boils and ulcers.  

Comfrey Root -- Used for many years to treat wounds and ulcerated tissue.

Althaea officinalis -- An emollient used to soften and soothe skin and dry hands, it calms irritated tissue, helps to relieve various forms of inflammation and forms a protective layer on damaged skin to promote healing. 

Aloe Vera Barbadensis (“Miller Plant”) – Long used to help heal skin irritations, burns (including sunburn) and to draw infections out of wounds.

Marigold Flower – Utilized to heal rashes and skin infections.

Organic Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, Lanolin, and Beeswax – Are often used as natural base alternatives to petroleum when whipped into a skin soothing cream to facilitate the mixture of the other active ingredients and to help skin breathe.

Please feel free to contact customer service and ask about your wound.

This barrier cream is your best non-petroleum healthy alternative to providing protection for your wound to safely heal.

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Product Testimonials:

Pictures of wound healing can be very graphic in nature, please request this directly from customer service via email.

My mom has used this as a barrier cream post diabetic toe wounds and callouses over healing wounds. They turn soft and just peel off with  normal skin underneath. Very greatful for a natural product since over use of antibiotic and steroid creams can be toxic. ~ Joanna A,

I had severe eczema on my skin, The moment I got the jar and put it on my skin, it was soothed. I put it on my hands over night with cloth gloves and I slept well.

Marissa C.  San Diego , CA